In2Games claims Fusion tech is a ‘Wii-beater’

Ben Parfitt
UK firm In2Games has told MCV that it plans to launch its new Fusion technology as a platform in its own right – giving publishers and developers the chance to release fully-functioning motion sensing games on PS3 and 360.

The company has already attracted some serious interest – most significantly this week’s £7.76 million investment from media specialist Ingenious.

“As well as the titles we are putting out ourselves we are getting support from a lot of other companies,” In2Games director Harry Holmwood told MCV.

“I can’t name names at this point but there are publishers out there that really want to get on board. The success of Wii has shown everyone that this project is viable, and anyone making games for the Wii will now be able to bring those games to the other platforms.

“We’re treating this as a platform roll-out. There’s going to be a major spend on marketing as well – this is a really big deal for us.

“The Wii is a fantastic piece of kit. But Fusion changes the playing field again – if Wii is going to be the cheaper option, we can bring the better, more sophisticated option to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.”

In2Games is yet to announce official details like the price or date of Fusion.


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