Indie fury as Tesco breaks again

By Johnny Minkley
Tesco was quick to apologise, games buyer Simon Boyd telling MCV: "Tesco takes release dates extremely seriously and has a clear process in place.

"However, on this occasion a handful of stores did not follow this process. As soon as we became aware of the issue the product was removed from sale.”

Sony, meanwhile, was keen to stress: “Everyone has played ball on this quite well.” But this did little to dampen the enraged indie community, which felt it had been let down again.

“This is such a bloody mess,” blasted One Step Beyond’s Will Copeland. “It’s March 7th and you know what? I’m putting it on sale now. Sony will probably penalise me, but I don’t give a shit. I’ll probably have gone bust by then anyway.”

Chris Peacock, sales director for Gem, which achieved success with its streetdate agreement for San Andreas, insisted: “Nothing will change until publishers have the bollocks to suspend supply to retailers who break streetdates.”


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