Industry goes to war with Steam

Christopher Dring
Industry goes to war with Steam

Excitement for Battlefield 3 could see Steam dethroned from its leading place in digital distribution.MCV can reveal that the FPS will be available to download from pretty much every PC platform going – except Valve’s kingpin service.

US retailer GameStop has already confirmed Battlefield 3 will be sold on its digital platform. And other third party distributors have told MCV that EA is backing them in a big way as the publisher attempts to make a dent in Call of Duty’s armour this Christmas.

Previous Call of Duty PC games have had Steam heavily integrated into them. But the download strategy for Modern Warfare 3 is not known at this stage.

EA’s row with Steam stems from the publisher’s desire to sell Battlefield 3 DLC directly to consumers from its own service – Origin. Such a move is against Valve’s policies, sources close to the situation have told MCV.

“This is very good for the marketplace,” said a CEO at one European digital distributor. “Valve and EA have always been uneasy bedfellows and this will help level the playing field for other distributors. It is a golden opportunity.”

Ultimately, digital sales of Battlefield 3 will be dwarfed by those on the High Street. But this fight could have a lasting impact on the future of the PC download sector.

Electronic Arts hopes to establish itself as a major player in digital distribution with Origin. Origin is a re-branded version of the EA Store, but EA is on a recruitment drive to find technology and regional experts to turn the platform into a real competitor to Steam.


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Name of this article is nice flamebait - EA =/= gaming industry.

IMO EA is stupid to pick 2 big fights at the same time - 1 against MW3 and second against Steam.

Also LOL at "CEO at one European digital distributor" - only cowards make such coments anonymously.

I wil stay with Steam - I have plenty of good games in my Steam account and not enough time to play everything anyway.

Jakub Janovsky

Jakub Janovsky ELITE GAMER
Jul 21st 2011 at 11:16AM

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Making an anonymous comment is nothing to do with cowardice. It's to do with the strict rules corporations use to govern execs and their statements. In fact, an anonymous comment is often a very brave thing to do. The anonymity itself demonstrates the sensitivity of the subject.

Of course we'd always prefer credited comments, but we'd rather have a truthful anonymous comment than nothing at all.

Ben Parfitt

Ben Parfitt MCV STAFF
Jul 21st 2011 at 11:21AM

0 0

Well its not that hard to guess who said it anyway (number of relevant EU DD stores is rather short....)

Jakub Janovsky

Jakub Janovsky ELITE GAMER
Jul 21st 2011 at 11:43AM

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