Interactive Media Institute announces 3 day game event

Leigh Harris
Interactive Media Institute announces 3 day game event

The Interactive Media Institute (IMI) at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia is set to host GAME, a 3 day event featuring prominent figures in the games sector.

The event, which will run from October 27-29, is comprised of a videogames festival, academic conference presentations, and a public debate.

Keynote speakers for GAME will be 'internationally-esteemed game studies scholars' Espen Aarseth and Ian Bogost, as well as political and social groups and industry figures.

The public debate will centre on the legal issues faced by the games sector in Australia, with particular regard to classification. It will feature the former deputy-director of the Office of Film and Literature Classification (now the Australian Classification Board) Paul Hunt, associate professor Jeff Brand from Bond University, with others to be confirmed.

Tickets will cost AUD$120, and the event will be held on Macquarie University campus.


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