Introducing the GMAs

Introducing the GMAs

At sundry industry awards ceremonies throughout the years, the category of Best Games Magazine has always sparked competition and controversy.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the editorial dream team of Gary Penn and Ciaran Brennan picked up the gong at an InDin on behalf of The One and shouted from the stage that next year other mags might challenge them if they could get their own (expletive deleted) ideas. Handbags ahoy.

More recently, at the MCV Industry Excellence Awards, the battles for favoured status between Edge and Games TM have been fiercely fought, with the winners making the most of the bragging rights in the bar and in gloating adverts.

It seems odd, then, that there has never been a ceremony dedicated to rewarding the games media in its entirety, from specialists to the mainstream, in print and online. Now, of course, there is; the Games Media Awards, organised and indeed hosted by MCV publisher, Intent Media.

Since being announced, it has been widely welcomed across the industry with an air of ‘Brilliant, why hasn’t anyone done this before?’ inherent in most reactions. It has received slightly more official backing and a huge boost this week with the announcement of six of the biggest companies in the market as Gold Sponsors: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Take 2 and Vivendi Games.

This makes the Games Media Awards a true industry event, rather than a spurious standalone show, beset with vested interests.

The voting process will enhance the legitimacy and inclusiveness of the GMAs. It will involve hundreds of individuals representing the PR and marketing departments of dozens of companies. And all votes will be secret, of course. Yes, there may still be some politics and some tactics, but the result will be the most honest and comprehensive reflection of the industry’s favourite mags, websites and writers in 2007.

It will also be an opportunity for the mainstream media to be made to feel like a more integral part of not just an industry event, but of the industry itself. Oh, and it’ll be a hell of a night.

GMA Fact File

  • Thursday, October 11th
  • Soho Revue Bar
  • Specialist and mainstream
  • Print and online
  • 100 per cent free to the media
  • Over 200 members of the media to attend
  • Awards voted for by PR and marketing staff throughout the industry
  • A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase by non-media later in the year
  • You can nominate any media outlet or individual journalist simply by emailing their name and the category for which you’d like them to be considered to
  • Yes, you can nominate yourselves
  • A list of finalists will be published before the end of August
  • All nominees will be consumer facing and UK-based

For more information or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Dave Roberts on 01992 535646 or email


  • Mainstream Media
  • Games Writer on a National Newspaper
  • Games Writer on a Lifestyle Magazine
  • Games Writer on a Mainstream Website
  • Regional Games Column
  • Best Games-Dedicated Broadcast on Mainstream TV or Radio
  • Specialist Games Media (Print)
  • PlayStation Magazine
  • Xbox Magazine
  • Nintendo Magazine
  • Multi Format Magazine
  • Overall Games Magazine
  • Best Writer on a
  • Specialist Magazine
  • Specialist Games Media (Online)
  • Games Website – News
  • Games Website – Reviews & Features
  • Games Podcast
  • Non-Commercial Website or Blog
  • Best Writer in Specialist Digital Media

And here's what some top members of the games industry had to say about the upcoming event:

Rob Saunders
UK PR Manager, Nintendo

“The Games Media Awards will show journalists that they are a valued and vital part of the industry, and without them all our jobs would be a lot harder. It gives all of us a chance to thank journalists for their support of the games industry and meet the faces behind the words.”

James Ashton-Tyler
Group Publisher, Future

“Given that much of the mainstream media still struggle to understand videogames, we welcome the Games Media Awards as an opportunity to celebrate the best of games journalism. This is a chance to recognise the best games journos spreading the good word in all spheres of the media, raise the profile of videogames, inspire some long-missed friendly competition and – in all probability – get quite pissed.”

Jonathan Weinberg
Games Editor, The Sun

“Games journalism is now becoming as much a key part of the national press and mainstream media as music, film and TV. The Games Media Awards are a great idea and will rightly recognise the hard work that goes into spreading the gaming message. That can only be applauded - now let the back-biting begin!"

David Wilson
Head of UK PR, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

“We are delighted to be a sponsor of the inaugural Games Media Awards. Good journalism should be a source of industry pride and is deserving of recognition and reward.”

Simon Smith-Wright
UK PR Director, Electronic Arts

“It’s going to be a great night and we’re really proud to be one of the headline sponsors. It’s good to see UK media being recognised for the great job they do in covering interactive entertainment – let’s face it, we’re all part of one of the most creative, progressive industries in the world. Putting all the opinion formers all under one roof for the night whilst they battle it out for some much coveted prizes, coaxed along with MCV’s fine food and booze – what could possibly go wrong?”

Cat Channon
Senior PR Manager, Vivendi Games

“The British gaming media have been the industry champions for some of our most successful games. It’s great to have an opportunity to show our gratitude for what can at times be a thankless job and recognise the work of these unsung heroes.”


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