iPad 3 looking certain for March launch

Ben Parfitt
iPad 3 looking certain for March launch

Confirming rumours that have been circulating for a few weeks now, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple's iPad 3 will be released worldwide in March.

The tablet is said to include an iPhone 4 style high-definition 'Retina' screen, which uses a pixel density to high that the human eye is supposedly unable to distinguish them. Sources point to a resolution beyond 1080p.

It will also include a quad-core processor. Twin-core processors are just now becoming common in smartphone and tablet devices, but a quad-core CPU would provide a significant performance boost.

A third rumoured feature is compatibility with the new LTE wireless 3G standard that provides high-speed data access on compatible mobile phone networks. The tech is about to be rolled out by Verizon and ATT in the US and is already supported by a number of handsets released by Samsung and Nokia.

The news agency reports that mass production began at the beginning of Janaury at China's Foxconn plant.


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