iPad prices leaked?

Ben Parfitt
iPad prices leaked?

The iPad will cost as little as £389 when it eventually arrives in the UK – that’s the claim being made by Geeky Gadgets which says it has received leaked launch price information from a mystery source.

The site says that the base 16GB model will cost £389, with the 32GB costing £439 and the 64GB coming in at £489.

If correct, UK consumers do indeed face a premium compared to their US counterparts. Across the pond the 16GB will cost $499 (£308), the 32GB $599 (£370) and the 64GB $699 (£433).

The site doesn’t yet have any information concerning the top-of-the-range 3G models.

The source also claims that the first shipments will arrive in the UK in April and not in March as Apple had previously suggested.


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