iPhone FPS coming to PlayStation Move

James Batchelor
iPhone FPS coming to PlayStation Move

Gameloft’s Modern Combat series will make its console debut in January with a downloadable PlayStation Move title

The company has announced Modern Combat: Domination will be released through PSN next month. The game will be a multiplayer shooter and will be compatible with Sony’s new motion controller, according to Kotaku.

The franchise debuted on the iPhone last year. It follows the structure of market-leading military FPS games, with plenty of maps, weapons and an experience-based progression system planned for Domination – and Gameloft is confident it can stand up alongside the likes of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

Speaking to the US PlayStation blog, Domination’s producer Arnaud said: “We come with a different multiplayer experience compared to what we always see now in contemporary military FPS games.

“It offers great graphics, addictive gameplay and a price that is far less expensive thanks to being offered on PSN instead of a traditional box title. I believe it will please players on PSN.”


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