Is Best Buy US in trouble too?

Mat Bettinson
Is Best Buy US in trouble too?

At a time when US electronics retail giant Best Buy exits the British market, a Forbes opinion editorial claims that the firm is "going out of business" even in firm's home North American market.

Forbes contributing writer Larry Downes pointed out that Best Buy has been losing market share in the US market and that the firm's stock has plunged 40 per cent during the course of last year.

After delivering an anecdote about pushy sales staff more interested in upselling an own-brand television service than answering questions about stock, Downes claimed that "Best Buy just doesn't understand its customers’ point of view."

Downes took aim at the retailer's choice of language when the firm announced trouble fulfilling demand during the holiday season. "Due to overwhelming demand of hot product offerings on during the November and December time period, we have encountered a situation that has affected redemption of some of our customers’ online orders."

Sister site PCR has the full story.


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