Is DTI cutting back on games?

One of the UK Government’s highest profile games officials will leave the Department of Trade And Industry on Friday.

Head of computer games publishing in the DTI’s Communication and Content Industries unit John Kroeger departs after eight years at the organisation.

The reason for his exit is unclear, but some feel it may be a result of recent cutbacks in the DTI’s only directly games-facing resource.

No announcement has been made on a replacement, fuelling speculation that Kroeger has been asked to agree to a redundancy package.

“It has been a fun and interesting eight years and I have enjoyed my time here greatly,” Kroeger told MCV. “Mostly I am retiring, which means I will be doing very different things. Some of my time might well be connected to games industry initiatives.”

Kroeger is an owner of Bromley-based video games and media management consultants Krolic Co and a former employee of news service Reuters. In addition, he previously worked as the Gaza Manager for CDF, a division of Save The Children.


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