Is this the way to get the girls?

June 10th by Lisa Foster

The mobile gaming format appears to be proving itself as the holy grail as far as grabbing that elusive female consumer is concerned, according to latest research.

A survey by I-play has revealed that more females (48 per cent) than males (44 per cent) have played a game pre-loaded on their phone – and they tend to play for longer.

In the US 42 per cent of the females questioned had played a single game for 20 minutes or longer (22 per cent in the UK), compared to 27 per cent of men (15 per cent in the UK).

The research is based on interviews with over 2,500 respondents aged between 12 and 44 across the US, the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany. It also reveals that women are more likely to play mobile games to kill time than men, and are more likely to do so at home.

It showed that 72 per cent of females versus 66 per cent of males play mobile games to kill time; 58 per cent of females versus 55 per cent of males download games while relaxing at home; 43 per cent of females versus 36 per cent of males play mobile games at home while doing nothing.

However, women have more problems than males in downloading games to their mobile, with 41 per cent, compared to 31 per cent of men, claiming that simplicity of gameplay convinces them to download games.

“As the research shows, mobile gaming has an appeal beyond the traditional video gaming audience,” said I-play’s SVP of publishing and marketing Paul Maglione.

“The challenge for the industry now is to capitalise on the appetite of female gamers by simplifying the process of getting the games into their hands.”

The survey, commissioned by I-play, was carried out by research agency SKOPOS.


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