Iwata clarifies Revolution issues

June 8th by Ben Parfitt

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed a number of key details regarding the company’s forthcoming Revolution console, in a revealing press conference in Japan on Tuesday.

He revealed that downloads for the Nintendo Revolution will not be free, stating that rumours of no-fee service were baseless. He also said that Nintendo is still considering several options, including the possibility of a one-off payment that allows access to the download structure for a set amount of time or for a limited amount of data.

The only possibility of free downloads, Iwata added, was as a bonus for buying a full price title or for promotional purposes.

Compatibility with the GameCube will also go beyond simply the games. All of the system’s controllers from the Wavebird to the Donkey Konga Bongos and Mario Party Microphone will be compatible, as well as the entire range of memory cards.

Iwata also stated that from a technical standpoint all NES, SNES and N64 titles will work on Revolution, though it’s still unclear if every single title in Nintendo’s huge back catalogue will work in its entirety.

As for the mysterious Revolution controller, Iwata again said that Nintendo are deliberately holding details of it back, along with confirmation of release dates and pricing, for ‘competitive reasons’. He only added that the controller would “not be scary to touch” and that people would be “surprised by it”.

From a technical standpoint, it was confirmed that downloads will be stored on the system’s in-built 512 megabytes of flash memory. This memory will also store save games, downloaded game demos and updates to the machine’s firmware.

Once this has been used up players will be able to save additional files onto SD cards and manage the files on a PC.


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