Jack Thompson praises UK games ratings

Ben Parfitt
America could learn a thing or two from the UK’s games rating system, according to US attorney and notorious industry agitator Jack Thompson.

In the wake of controversy incited by Manhunt 2’s violent content and the UK’s banning of the game, Thompson has praised the BBFC’s stance and the system by which games are classified in Britain.

“The UK does it much better than the US, which rates a game that’s inappropriate for minors and then sells it to them,” he told MCV. “I think the UK has got it right. You rate a game and you can’t sell it to people if it falls in a certain category – the rating actually has a sanction, whereas in the US the rating means nothing.”

Thompson added that the problem in the US stems from the authorities’ failure to punish retailers that ignore the rating system – while in Britain they can face fines or even a prison sentence.

“We don’t have a single law in the books that prevents a mature rated game being sold to a minor as young as ten years of age,” he said. “I think you guys have the model. Certainly Australia and New Zealand, Canada have followed the UK’s lead on that and that’s what the US should do.”


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