JAPAN: 360 beats PS3 yet again

Ben Parfitt
The first time appeared to be a freak one-off; the second a remarkable achievement and the third was simply astonishing – and now Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has outsold Sony’s PS3 for the fourth week in a row in Japan.

CVG reports that Xbox 360 sold 7,763 units for the week ending October 12th, whilst PS3 shifted just 5,734 machines. PS3 was even outsold by PS2, which moved 6,982 units.

Nintendo’s machines continue to dominate the Japanese market, however, with DS Lite shifting 31,914 units and Wii selling 22,877 machines. It was another strong week for PSP, though, with Sony’s rejuvenated handheld beating Wii into third spot with sales of 23,901.


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