JAPAN: Black Wii this summer

Ben Parfitt
JAPAN: Black Wii this summer

The release of the first colour variant always marks a significant point in a console’s lifecycle, so considering the Wii’s slowing sales in Japan news of a new look for the machine is hardly surprising.

Kotaku has pictures of a new black Wii variant, which will be released on August 1st for YEN 25,000, or $260.

In addition, complementary black peripherals will also be heading to retail, including a Black Wii Remote (YEN 3,800/$40), a Black Nunchuk (YEN 1,800/$19) and Black Classic Controller Pro (YEN 2,000/$21).

There’s absolutely no hint on this coming out in Europe yet, and going on past form, there’s a good chance it will never make it this far.


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