Journey misses 2011 with 2012 release date

Ben Parfitt
Journey misses 2011 with 2012 release date

Writing on the PlayStation blog, ThatGameCompany director Jenova Chen has finally confirmed a release date for ambitious online title Journey.

And those hoping to get hold the game before the end of the year will be disappointed – it’s now set to arrive in spring 2012.

The game is the third release from ThatGameCompany, whose previous digital PS3 hits are flOw and flower.

“For the past few months, we kept getting asked about Journey’s release date,” Chen said. “Yes, we haven’t said anything about our release in a while mainly because we really couldn’t tell. And we don’t want to throw out a date that we are not sure about, and later disappoint our players.

“Fortunately, the online beta went very well, and our continued playtests have given us great feedback on the work we have left to complete. While there is still a ton of care and polish needed, we can’t wait to finally deliver Journey, TGC’s take on an online adventure game.

“Like all our games, Journey is an experiment. In the end, it’s what you think that matters. We are happy to announce Journey will be released Spring 2012, so you can experience the adventure for yourself.”

The game will be released exclusively on the PlayStation network for PS3.


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