June video game sales rocket in US

Software, hardware and accessory categories were all up compared with June 2005 figures, the firm claims – while total video games sales for June crossed the finish line at $844.5 million. Much of this success is down to the storming performance of the DS, although other formats also achieved better than predicted sales. Portable software sales enjoyed the highest rise, with a 30 per cent increase in comparative sales.

In terms of hardware, the DS came top shifting 593,000 units – a figure which was no doubt bolstered by the launch of DS Lite. The PS2 and Xbox 360 kept their end up, shifting 312,000 and 277,000 units respectively.

“The industry realised such incredible sales in June versus last year, that year-to-date, it is ahead of last year by about four per cent,” commented NPD Group’s Anita Frazier. “So, while I expected things to start gradually turning around, this level of increase will very likely have positive repercussions for months to come.”

“There are a lot of good indications that the video games industry has rebounded from the slump it experienced earlier this year. The DS is certainly rockin’ – there was such positive news all around it was nice to see. It’s not like some months where one title steals all the thunder, or one hardware device gets all the sales. It was so generally healthy and positive I think that bodes very well for the future.”    


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