Ken backs Games Festival

The London Games Festival – billed as a ‘cultural celebration of interactive entertainment’ – is set to take place from October 2nd to 7th. It is being supported by the London Mayor’s agencies Creative London and the London Development Agency, plus ELSPA, BAFTA and TIGA.

The week-long event is set to attract both trade and consumers. Key industry events will include the London Games Summit, London Content, Outsourcing and Middleware Market, GDC London, the BAFTA Games Awards and the London Game Career Fair. The London Games Festival Network, meanwhile, will see a series of events for consumers.

It is a significant development for the UK games industry, given the funding pledged by the local Government organisations. It is hoped too that, following the emergence and disappearance of a number of consumer and trade shows over the past couple of years, this will galvanise the UK market into pulling together to create an event to match that of the Game Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

To this end, the organisers behind London Games Festival are keen to stress that companies of all size and budget can get involved – whether they want to take over a room in a pub or the whole of Trafalgar Square.


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