Kikizo launches Blu-ray website

Ben Parfitt
Kikizo launches Blu-ray website

Games portal Kikizo has launched a brand new website named that focuses on films and the growing HD disc format.

Aimed at “avid film enthusiasts and fans of the cutting-edge Blu-ray movie format”, the move marks an interesting foray into the wider entertainment space for the popular online games destination.

“Blu-ray is a great opening example of our strategy,” Kikizo director Adam Doree stated. “It's a valuable, high disposable income demographic, and an area we think is under catered to online with only a small handful of existing competitors – and almost none who are focused solely on Blu-ray.

“We already have dedicated brand campaigns booked for the site, which shows the hunger in the advertiser market. The growth rate of Blu-ray is faster than DVD's was, despite the current economic climate – and thanks to the shrinking cost of Blu-ray players and HDTV displays, Blu-ray is now becoming a mass-market proposition.”

The site will be headed by filmmaker Carl Johnson, who added: “Like smack to a junkie, a fresh new Blu-ray disc is just the fix we need and it's our hope that becomes the high definition crack den for the masses.”


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