Kinect lightsaber peripheral spotted

Ben Parfitt
Kinect lightsaber peripheral spotted

Whatever your feelings about Kinect Star Wars, only the coldest of hearts could fail to be excited about this news.

Eurogamer reports that two German retailers have listed a lightsaber peripheral that is Kinect compatible and designed to work with Microsoft's upcoming Kinect Star Wars.

It is said to have a light effect but, strangely, not take any batteries. Prices are currently around the EURO 16 point.

Although the game will not require the use of a controller or accessory, as Kinect tracks a user's body there is in theory nothing to stop a user holding any object they like in their hands. A long, thin lightsaber like device is unlikely to hamper how the camera operates.

In most instances a superfluous accessory would be a nuisance, but in this instance? Yes, that's right. It will make the game one thousand per cent better.


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