Kinect pre-orders ‘very low’

Ben Parfitt
Kinect pre-orders ‘very low’

The first UK retailer to go live with what it believes will be the final RRP for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect has admitted that pre-orders for the device “are very low”.

Boos Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer that he believes the £100+ price is “too high” and that he thinks “with this current economy it should be around £70 – for £140 you can buy a Wii”.

It echoes similar comment he gave to MCV last week when he stated: “Predictions of the Kinect price being over £79.99 will do little to engender early adopters and thus affect unit sales in the short to medium term.”

The retail boss conceded that the £129.99 RRP currently listed on his website is just a placeholder, though it is based on the $149.99 US price that he has been lead to believe is correct.

Cipolletta added that if the device should in fact retail for more than that anyone who pre-orders it at the current £124.86 will get it at that price.


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