Kirby Attacks next month

Rotund blobmeister Kirby has been a firm favourite in Japan for many years, and Nintendo is set to continue its drive to boost his popularity in Europe with the release of Kirby Mouse Attack on June 22nd.

The game sees Kirby on a quest to recover shortcake and treasure from a rogue gang of mice. Seriously. Spanning 50 levels across eight huge worlds, gamers can expect plenty of colourful platforming action and a number of memorable boss fights.

Also on offer will be wide range of in-game abilities that are able to effect the surrounding environment.

Along with the solo campaign there will also be an expanded multiplayer mode that allows DS owners to compete with one another via a local area wi-fi connection.

Kirby’s previous DS outing, Power Paintbrush, was critically acclaimed, with many citing it as proof that traditional platformers can successfully utilise the DS’ unique control scheme.


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