Konami announces experimental Vita game

Ben Parfitt
Konami announces experimental Vita game

With Sony preparing to try something a bit different with its pricing strategy for Vita software, Konami has revealed that it is looking to be equally as experimental.

The publisher has readied new title AR Combat Digi Q for a digital release in Japan on the same day that Vita launches (December 17th).

The game itself will be free to download, though only contains access to the first five levels. An additional 24 levels will be available for ¥500 (around £4), with additional levels on the way after that.

The episodic pricing model was tipped as being the next big thing not long ago, but has failed to gain traction outside of the smartphone market.

But the idea remains sound. Imagine PES 2013 hitting retail next September for £49.99. Alongside it however is a ‘basic’ version for £24.99 that includes, say, some of the single player options and maybe local multiplayer.

Gamers would then be able to add extra ‘components’ at will for an additional feel. Online play - £10. Licensed tournaments - £5. Andy Carroll for a realistic transfer fee - £2.50.

And so on.


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