Kuju ditches mobile games

Speaking in an interview with gamesindustry.biz, Baverstock said: “We’re increasingly stepping away from mobile, we've found it a difficult market, one where it’s hard to make money.”

Kuju is now reported to have sold off its mobile publishing business, and the mobile development business is all but shut down.

“There was too little development money and the retail income just didn't build like we’d hoped it would. There are people who are making money and doing a good job, but it wasn't for us,” continued Baverstock.

"The nail in the coffin for us was the increasingly tight stranglehold which the operators held over the flow of content to the consumer - they seem to have no interest in developing it as a market. Mobile is a pretty flawed model right now. Not enough money is spent, there's too much porting and testing required and the games are often poor quality,” he added.


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