Kutaragi laughs off rivals

When asked by MCV whether the rival consoles will outstrip Sony’s next-gen machine, he replied simply: “We do not care.”

But he conceded that Sony is still struggling with the production of PS3’s Blu-Ray drive: “Right now, it is an issue, because we can’t manufacture enough blue laser diodes for our PlayStation 3s. But we will resolve that.”

Speaking at a PS3 showcase in the PlayStation lounge of Sony’s Tokyo HQ, Kutaragi declined to name specific PS3 launch titles, but Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison was slightly less cagey: “Resistance: Fall of Man and Genji are definite PS3 launch titles.”
When asked how close Sony is to finalising the PS3 launch line-up, Harrison said: “We’re at a fluid time when games are in final QA but not out of final QA. But we’re close.”


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