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Last call for GMA nominations

Last call for GMA nominations

The deadline for submitting your nominations for this year’s Games Media Awards is less than three working days away – on Monday, August 3rd.

There are ten categories for you all to consider:

* Games Magazine

* Games Website

* Specialist Games Writer (Print)

* Specialist Games Writer (Online)

* Games Coverage in a Mainstream Magazine
(Please vote for the title, not an individual)

* Regional Games Columnist

* Games Blog

* Games Broadcast or Podcast
(TV, radio or online)

* Rising Star

* Games Coverage in a National Newspaper
(Again, please vote for the title, not an individual)

* Games Media Legend

Send your nominations to

The Games Media Awards takes place at Jongleurs in Camden on Thursday October 15th. The event is sponsored by Xbox 360, New Super Mario Bros Wii, DJ Hero, F1 2009 from Codemasters, EA and Sega.


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