Latest ABCs reveal mixed fortunes

by MCV staff
Future’s Official PlayStation 2 magazine remains the UK’s biggest-selling games publication at 172,593 copies per month for the period – though did experience a drop in circulation of around 5,000.

Unofficial rivals closed the gap, with Future’s PSW shooting up by almost 14,000 to record an ABC of 70,077. Highbury’s Play also rose by a similar figure, achieving a circulation of 68,963. Meanwhile, PSM2 (Future) sales grew by almost 10,000 to 54,442.

Official Xbox Magazine (Future) fared better than its PS2 cousin, up by around 5,000 to 88,136. Highbury retained its position as the number one unofficial title, a slight increase giving it a circulation of 30,003, with Future’s Xbox World up slightly at 24,161 and Xbox Gamer (Future) at 13,435 – down by nearly 7,000.

As for GameCube titles, Emap’s Nintendo Official Magazine remained clear leader in the sector, dropping slightly to 44,195, with Highbury’s Cube the best selling unofficial title, falling by around 6,000 to 27,213. Future’s NGC dropped from 23,804 to 16,622.

The PC games market was down overall, with PC Gamer (Future) falling slightly to 57,023, while PC Zone – acquired by Future from Dennis last year – dropping to 40,480.

With the now-defunct CVG magazine out of the picture, Future’s Gamesmaster soared by almost 7,000 to record an ABC of 62,159. Edge (Future) grew slightly to a figure of 28,790, with Highbury’s rival GamesTM posting a 12-month ABC of 20,117.


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