Lewis: Downloads do not detract from retail

The upcoming Xbox 360 download of Elder Scrolls IV expansion Shivering Isles looks set to take Xbox Live closer to delivering full priced product – but European Xbox boss Chris Lewis has insisted that Microsoft isn’t encroaching on retail’s stomping ground.

Whilst the PC iteration of Shivering Isles will hit retail in the traditional boxed form at £19.99, Xbox 360 owners will have to head online and pay 2,400 Microsoft Points (around £20) to access the content.

And whilst this is effectively cutting retail out of the loop, Lewis denies that it poses any danger to the High Street.

"There is a parallel opportunity through Live to offer demos, new levels, maps, characters etc,” Lewis told MCV. “But these complement the retail full priced product completely and are not designed to detract but more to enhance."

And when asked if Xbox 360 would ever offer regular triple-A product online, Lewis responded: "Honestly, I doubt it. I think there are practical limitations to this. Certainly as speeds and storage increase then there will be ever more flexibility, but my own view is that people will continue to want to buy at retail. I think the two will live in harmony for some considerable time yet."

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