Liquid Games unveils new sub-£7 PS2 line

Oxygen label Liquid Games is repositioning its offer and becoming a £6.99 family-focused PS2 range.

The shift is accompanied by a new marketing slogan, ‘Family Price Guaranteed’, which will be backed with a TV, print and online-based market push.

“Over the last year, like many, we’ve observed the growing influx of mainstreamers into the games industry,” Oxygen CEO Jim Scott told MCV. “We know that they are consumers of all forms of digital entertainment and that they are value conscious. We thought the time was right to offer gaming at a price point comparable to the price of CDs and DVDs.

“We conducted research with our target audience and discovered that £9.99 was only a ‘good’ price point for console games – not a ‘great’ one. It made sense for us to change to a ‘great’ price point.”

Oxygen feels that whilst many in the industry continue to fight for the traditional ‘hardcore’ heartland, the real market opportunities lie beyond this.

“We agree that the hardcore segment has saturated and that future growth is being driven by the new wave – family, lifestyle and casual gamers,” Scott added. “In the next 12 months more titles will be introduced that have embraced this demographic.

“Titles like The Great British Football Quiz will be more prevalent, as opposed to low-quality clones of popular full-price titles.”


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