Live Arcade limit on the rise

Microsoft has officially confirmed rumors that the size limit for Xbox Live Arcade games has been raised from 50MB to 150MB.

Next Generation reports that ImageMicrosoft casual games boss Chris Early said that the increased size limit would allow developers more flexibility when creating games. Despite the 50MB limit, Microsoft has thus far seen big success with small games such as Small Arms (43MB) and UNO (23MB).

“Our focus is on continuing to provide developers with an environment that allows for the creation of cost-efficient games and that nurtures an artistic and creative approach to game development,” Early said in a statement.

Until now, Microsoft said that it only allowed a the 50MB limit to be broken by special cases, such as the forthcoming Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for XBLA.

Microsoft had previously kept the XBLA size at 50MB so that Xbox 360 owners without hard drives could store downloadable titles on the 64MB MU.


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