Loading reveals official Deus Ex cocktail

Ben Parfitt
Loading reveals official Deus Ex cocktail

Square Enix has become the third publisher to enter into an official collaboration with Cornwall’s games-themed café Loading.

Together the pair have created an exclusive cocktail to celebrate today’s arrival of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

‘Deus Ex on the Beach’, as it is called, contains peach schnapps, vodka, orange and cranberry juice. It also contains an additional ‘augmentation’ – Goldschlager. The drink costs £4.

"We're honoured that Square Enix would allow us to attach their game’s name to this cocktail,” Loading owner James Dance stated. “We are looking forward to creating more."

Previous cocktail specials include Capcom’s ‘G and T Virus’ for Resident Evil and EA’s ‘Tweedle Rum and Tweedle Tea’ that celebrated the release of Alice Madness Returns.

The Loading Café can be found at 2-3 Quay Street in Falmouth, Cornwall. It’s website can be seen here.


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