Logitech to produce new Wii controller

Logitech is planning to produce a controller for use with the Wii, which will combine motion-sensing with rumble technology, reported Games Industry.  

“[We hope] to have at least one product out for the Wii this year,” said Logitech’s UK and Ireland country manager Chris Spearing. “Having the motion-sensing in the Sixaxis, that really works for some games. And for the Wii – you've seen people rush out and buy the Wii for that realism, if you're swinging a tennis racket, you know how to do it. Hopefully we'll be at the forefront of pushing that further, combining some of the two.”

Spearing went on to say that while Nintendo’s own Wii remote had been a success, there is room for improvement: "If you couldn't improve on it, we wouldn't be in business, and that's the same for all products."


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