Logue quits Gamestation for ASDA

Ben Parfitt
MCV can reveal that Michael Logue has resigned his position as managing director at Gamestation – being immediately placed on ‘gardening leave’ due to his next choice of employer.

Logue has been a highly popular senior management figure at Gamestation for the past five years, overseeing its tremendous growth in the UK market.

But he has opted not to be a part of the new era for Gamestation, as completion nears for a takeover by arch rival GAME.

Instead Logue has accepted a post at ASDA in Leeds, which itself harbours significant ambitions in the games market.
“We’re very disappointed that Michael has decided to leave the business,” GAME’s CEO Lisa Morgan told MCV this morning.

“We would have liked him to stay and still appreciate the fantastic job he has done at Gamestation. ASDA hiring him just goes to show how aggressive the supermarkets are about non-food, but we wish him well.”

There will be no changes in the day-to-day running of the Gamestation business, with the York management team continuing to be in control – reporting to Morgan.

“Working at Gamestation for the past five years has been a fantastic part of my life,” offered Logue.

“I would like to thank everyone at Gamestation for all that has been achieved and I wish everyone at GAME and Gamestation every success.”

Due to direct competition with ASDA in the games sector, Logue will be on gardening leave for the remaining part of his contract with Gamestation.


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