Losses narrow as 3DS fights on for Nintendo

Ben Parfitt
Losses narrow as 3DS fights on for Nintendo

Nintendo has reported a ¥10,331 million operating loss for the quarter ending June 30th 2012.

That’s an improvement over the ¥93,928 million loss reported in the same period the year before. Net losses reached ¥17,231 million which, again, is an improvement over the ¥25,516 million net loss a year before.

Net sales fell to ¥84,813 million. For the sake of comparisons, this figure stood at ¥423,380 same period in 2008. ¥253,498 in 2009, ¥188,646 in 2010 and ¥93,928 in 2011

Forecasted net sales for the year ending March 31st 2013 stand at ¥820,000 million, with an operating income of ¥35,000 million.

Nintendo expressed disappointment in 3DS sales, saying they “only reached 1.86m worldwide” during the last quarter.  Total 3DS software sales reached 7.39m. The profitability of 3DS hardware is described as “improving”.

540k DS units were sold in the same period with software sales reaching 8.47m units.

Global 3DS sales now stand at 19m units. Wii sales have hit 96.56m units and Ds sales 152.05m.

For comparison, Game Boy Advance sold 81.51m, Game Boy (including colour) 118.69m, GameCube 21.74m, N64 32.93, SNES 49.1m and NES 91.91m.


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