Low £39.99 RRP for Kinect games

Michael French
Low £39.99 RRP for Kinect games

Games for the Xbox 360 Kinect controller will be priced slightly cheaper than 'core' games, Microsoft has confirmed.

Yesterday, the format-holder announced that it will be offering the standalone camera device for £129.99 bundled with Kinect Adventures - a price many see as costly compared to the price of the console itself.

But games for Kinnect will have an RRP of just £39.99 - £10 less than the usual £49.99 for Xbox 360 titles - so punters won't always be asked to pay over expectations for further Kinect experiences.

Microsoft confirmed the price as part of the launch details announcement.

Kinect launch games include Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride.

By comparison, Nintendo chose a similar RRP for its Wii games when the machine first launched in £39.99 - this was arguably one of the secrets to its success, as the software for the console came in slightly lower than titles for next-gen rivals.


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