Lowenstein: ‘The US is under attack’

20 May 2005 By Lisa Foster

Doug Lowenstein has hit out at the ‘virulent attacks’ on video games Stateside, blasting the proposals to change state laws as “unconstitutional infringements on creative expression”.

Speaking exclusively to MCV at E3, the president of the Entertainment Software Association has highlighted the “unprecedented wave of proposals in the states to ban the sale of violent and/or sexually explicit video games” as one of the key issues facing the US interactive entertainment industry over the past 12 months.

He told MCV: “The industry has been under siege as never before as politicians virulently attack video games for endangering youth and making parenting more difficult. While we have defeated many of these proposals, some appear likely to be enacted, thus triggering ESA lawsuits.

“We fully expect the courts, as they have in the past, to strike down these state laws as unconstitutional infringements on creative expression.”


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