Mad Catz launches rival wi-fi adapter

Ben Parfitt
Mad Catz launches rival wi-fi adapter

Those who insist that £59.99 is too much to pay for Microsoft’s brand new official Wireless-N Xbox 360 internet adapter my want to take a look at a cheaper alternative from Mad Catz that has just hit the market.

Priced at £49.99, the Wireless-N Gaming Adapter offers “a strong and stable connection to your wireless-N broadband router”. It also comes with a 1m ethernet cable to the device needn’t be placed right next to the console.

The device is also compatible with Sony’s PS3. Though the console includes wi-fi connectivity out of the box, Mad Catz is selling its device as a way to upgrade PS3 to the Wireless-N standard.

“With more HD entertainment content and online gaming being delivered via Xbox Live and PSN, we anticipate the need for Wireless-N gaming adapters will increase,” Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson stated.

“Our Wireless-N Adapter allows Xbox 360 users to access the network wirelessly and for PS3 users to upgrade their wireless technology to the faster N standard.”


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