MadCatz prices its Mojo Android console at £219.99

Ben Parfitt
MadCatz prices its Mojo Android console at £219.99

Mojo, the upcoming Android console form peripherals specialist MadCatz, has been given an eye-watering £219.99 RRP.

That doesn’t compare favourably with the higher-profile Ouya, which can currently be had for just £99.99.

MadCatz is trying to differentiate its device by allowing it to run vanilla Android, meaning players will be free to run any games or software they chose rather than being limited by any artificial store barriers.

It also includes an Xbox-like Bluetooth controller that includes a mouse mode, allowing owners to use the left analogue stick in place of a mouse. The pad is compatible with a range of other Bluetooth enabled devices as well.

None of which will help much will Android’s largely touchscreen focused games library, of course.

16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM is housed in the console, as is capacity for 128GB SDXC cards. Media stored on exterior USB memory can also be accessed and displayed.

MadCatz is yet to announce a release date for the device.


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