Majesco sinks its teeth into Europe

June 17th By Lisa Foster
Europe will welcome a new US arrival this summer, with leading companies currently battling to sign up Majesco Games via a co-publishing and distribution deal.

Majesco is well established in its home market – international expansion now being key. A European office was set up in 2001, headed up today by industry veteran Jason Dutton.

But releases this side of the Atlantic have been handled so far by a variety of third parties, including VU Games, THQ and Codemasters.

Now Majesco is ready to position itself as a publisher in its own right, but will initially work with another company to handle sales and distribution. A shortlist has been finalised, with the likes of VUG, THQ, Atari, Activision, Take 2, Midway and EA all known to have been interested. It’s an important move for the NASDAQ listed publisher and is likely to be the first step towards Majesco eventually becoming autonomous in Europe.

“Majesco has so far had a low profile in Europe,” one publisher boss told MCV. “It makes sense for it to look at international growth to bolster overall business. Signing with a third party is probably the best way to start. A move to publish on its own, and set up offices in other Euro HQs, will follow.”

Majesco’s biggest franchise in Europe to date is Bloodrayne, with the sequel due soon. Key titles on the way include Jaws Unleashed, innovative PSP game Infected, Starbreeze Studios’ The Darkness and Taxi Driver. The company also has two other divisions, one handling gadgets including TV arcade systems, the other concentrating on GBA Video titles.


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