Major reboot reveal pulled from OXM

James Batchelor
Major reboot reveal pulled from OXM

Official Xbox Magazine has been forced to delay its unveiling of a secret Xbox 360 revamp of a major blockbuster game.

The Next Month page in the latest issue of OXM promises details on how “one of the best games ever made” will be “reborn” on the console, but the mysterious game’s publisher has pushed back the announcement.

“It’s a real nuisance, but these things happen,” OXM editor Jon Hicks told CVG. “The publisher was very apologetic but apparently the game just won’t be ready in time.”

Hicks later confirmed on Twitter that this reveal would not be the rumoured remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.

CVG readers have made numerous guesses at the game’s identity, including Elite, Syndicate and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. The site confirmed via Facebook that one of the suggestions had been correct.


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