Mass Effect arriving this September

BioWare’s latest RPG epic, the future-themed Mass Effect, has been given a firm release date of this September – a little later than the initial June arrival that had been pegged by many online sources, CVG reports.

The game brings with it a rich heritage, with developer BioWare boasting a hit-filled back-catalogue that includes the likes of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, NeverWinter Nights, Baldurs Gate and Jade Empire.

Mass Effect will take a more action-orientated approach to the RPG genre, with players tasked with dabbling in FPS territory as well as the usual NPC-based narrative banter.

A September release date will pitch Mass Effect up against Microsoft’s other big RPG hope, Blue Dragon, which has been defying expectations by performing solidly in Japan.

Mass Effect is still being listed as an Xbox 360 exclusive, but there have been ongoing rumours of a possible PC port – a move that would follow the trend set by the studio’s previous output.


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