Mastertronic gets Serious on Xbox 360

James Batchelor
Mastertronic gets Serious on Xbox 360

Mastertronic has acquired the rights to publish two more big Xbox 360 boxed games.

Serious Sam HD First & Second Encounter and Alien Breed Trilogy will both hit shelves in March, courtesy of the publisher.

The latter will arrive on March 18th while Serious Sam is due for release sometime next month.

The Alien Breed games – developed by Team 17 – were previously released on Xbox Live, PSN and PC. It’s the first time the isometric sci-fi shooters will head to retail as a trilogy pack.

Humerous FPS Serious Sam has been released on over five formats during its 10-year history. Both of the HD remakes were previously available as downloads.

“We’re bringing Serious Sam back to the retail market,” said product director Neil McKenna.

“With research last year showing two out of three gamers prefer to buy discs rather than downloads, and with over 10m Xbox consoles in Europe, there’s a huge potential market out there for this title.

“And we’re very pleased to offer gamers a chance to play the complete boxed collection of the acclaimed Alien Breed Trilogy for the first time.”


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