MCV Awards Finalists revealed

Over 40 companies, from the very smallest specialist online games store to the multi-billion dollar industry giants, will be hoping to cap their evening on Thursday April 19th by winning an MCV Award.

They are important and prestigious awards because they are unique and transparent. Only the MCV Industry Excellence Awards recognise the people behind the hits and those on the frontline of retail, sales, marketing and distribution.

To choose the five Finalists per category, MCV considers achievements between March 2006 and February 2007, whilst also encouraging its readers to lobby both for themselves and for customers, partners – and even rivals.

That lobbying period is now over and the MCV Awards have moved to the next phase, which is where the judges begin to decide which Finalist deserves their vote. A minimum of 65 judges are appointed, from all corners of the business. They must vote confidentially and independently. They are not allowed to vote for themselves or associated companies. But, importantly, the judges are only revealed to the industry after the voting process is complete.

A special awards supplement will be published with MCV on Friday March 23rd, giving a full summary of each Finalist in each category and why it has been chosen. The big night itself takes place on Thursday April 19th at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London.

Only a few tables remain, whilst high sponsorship spots have gone to Xbox 360 (Gold Partner), Nintendo (Retail Partner), Nvidia (Silver Partner), IGA Worldwide (Champagne Reception), Kiss FM and System 3.

The Finalists in full:


Independent Retailer: e-Play, Chips, Grainger Games, Playtime Multimedia, Ninja Games
Specialist Games Retailer: Chips, Gamestation, GAME, Gamestop, CEX
Entertainment Retailer: Woolworths, Virgin, HMV, Asda, Tesco
Online Retailer: Play, Amazon, GAME, Gameseek,
Star Store: Playtime Multimedia (Doncaster), Gamestation (Birmingham New Street), Chips (Orpington), GAME (Braehead, Glasgow), HMV (Oxford Street, London)


Sales Team: Nintendo/Koch, THQ: Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Microsoft/Gem
UK Development Team: Travellers Tales, Real Time Worlds, Evolution, Rare, Rockstar Leeds
Distribution Team: Gem, Centresoft, Koch, Just, EUK
Unsung Hero: Capcom, Square, Mastertronic/Blast, Koch/, Blizzard
Games Publisher: Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sega, THQ, Nintendo


New Games Brand: Brain Training (Nintendo), Gears of War (Microsoft), Just Cause (Eidos), Guitar Hero (Activision), Dead Rising (Capcom)
PR Team: Nintendo/Cake, Microsoft/Red/Edelman, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Sega/Kazoo
Game Campaign: Gears of War (Microsoft), Wii Sports (Nintendo), Brain Training (Nintendo)
FIFA 07 (Electronic Arts), Pro Evo 6 (Konami)
Trade Marketing Team: Ubisoft , Sony Computer Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Games, Nintendo, Sega
Marketing Team: Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, THQ

MCV Retail Advisory Board: Special Recognition
This is a special award voted for exclusively by the members of the MCV Retail Advisory Board – representing the leading games retailers in the UK marketplace.
Margaret Pearson, Centresoft
James Dixon, THQ
Dave Gould, Vivendi Universal Games
Penny Humphrey, Electronic Arts
Paul Marcantonio, Ubisoft

Grand Prix Award
This is the biggest award of the evening, with nothing revealed until the big night itself. It takes an overall view, choosing the company considered to have contributed the most to the marketplace over the last 12 months, not only in terms of commercial success, but also of innovation and energy.
Last year’s winner was Sony Computer Entertainment. Previous winners have included Nintendo, Microsoft and Electronic Arts.


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