MCV @ GAMESCOM: PS4 goes beyond the core as sales fly past 10 million

Christopher Dring
MCV @ GAMESCOM: PS4 goes beyond the core as sales fly past 10 million

The CEO of PlayStation says the console games industry must go beyond the core gamer if it wants to see the sort of numbers reached by PS2 and Wii again.

Speaking to MCV @ Gamescom after the reveal that PS4 sales had shot past 10m units in nine months, Andrew House says that the firm is already looking to more family-friendly markets.

“A 10m number, nine months into the lifecycle, is significantly north of where PS2 was,” he said. “The critical thing is the ability to sustain the offering in a couple of ways. One way to do this is by continuing to deliver great game experiences that have the most engaged consumers continuing to feel good and enjoy the platform. “But there is also almost a burden on the console industry - if we are to repeat the success of PS2 - to be able to make that transition into a more causal and family audience.

“Our emphasis is going to be looking for the easy, accessible but still fulfilling game experiences that are going to reach out to the broader audience.

“It is also a sustained effort in having a full range of non-game, particularly digital and networked services, which attract another user within the family.

“The importance is that it is not an either/or. The platform and, to a degree, the industry will be successful by being able to sustain interest among multiple audiences at the same time. That was our biggest core strength on PS2."


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