MCV Pacific Weekly Wrap-Up

Leigh Harris
MCV Pacific Weekly Wrap-Up

GCAP happened this week with some big news, while it appears Video Ezy might be grey importing games and Mindscape scores Tecmo.


  • Tecmo Koei has evidently been impressed by Mindscape's handling of the ANZ release of Dead or Alive V, signing the distributor to handle all its titles exclusively moving fowards.
  • GCAP 2012 came and went, with international speakers, master classes and more.
  • Video Ezy, the DVD and game rental chain, has games for sale via its web site which are carrying suspiciously low prices.
  • News landed at GCAP that in the coming weeks, the Australian Federal Government will finally be offering incentives for game developers to come here.
  • R18 is having further fun, with NSW apparently aiming to re-classify some MA15+ games at a higher rating.
  • A new indie e-tailer has opened up, boasting that it's 'Australia's cheapest game store', and all while not having to resort to the grey import market. Time will tell.


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