MCV Pacific Weekly Wrap-Up

Leigh Harris
MCV Pacific Weekly Wrap-Up

Games Radar opens up shop down under this week, while THQ staff resurface at Bluemouth and Android overtakes Apple.

  • Two former THQ staffers have turned up at peripherals distributor Bluemouth Interactive, handling sales throught Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the Middle-East.
  • With the impending R18+ classification now only weeks away, the Australian Classification Branch has released an info PDF on the most useful information for retailers.
  • Future Publishing has created a satellite Games Radar outfit in Australia under the stewardship of Darren Wells and Sophia Tong.
  • Following on from the news that Naughty Dog had to fight to get Ellie a starring role on the cover of The Last Of Us, MCV looks at the branding of the title more generally.
  • IGN Australia has announced its Black Beta Select Awards, nominations for which are open now. The event will be held in February 2013.
  • There are now a greater number of Android smartphones in Australia than iOS devices for the first time ever.
  • QV Software has joined in with the increasing number of Australian outlets embracing social media.


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