MCV Pacific Wrap-Up

Leigh Harris
MCV Pacific Wrap-Up

In the Pacific region this week, the FIWC draws to a close, Dick Smith angers gamers with a sale and South Australia plans to alter the MA15+ rating.

  • South Australia attorney-general John Rau (pictured) plans to make the MA15+ age rating only available to those over 18 when the R18+ bill passes the Senate later this year, making both categories available to the same age group.
  • MCV Pacific interviews associate producer Tomm Hulett from Konami on the upcoming back-to-basics entry into the Silent Hill franchise: Downpour.
  • The FIFA Interactive World Cup draws to a close, with Australia's national champion (and global representative) being a Brazilian backpacker.
  • GAME Australia is still seeking investment, being unaffected by the UK's last-minute turnaround.
  • Dick Smith Electronics angered gamers Australia-wide after a remarkably generous sale saw the bulk of all hardware and in-demand software snapped up before the general public could get their hands on it.



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