Metacritic: Critics must “review all the sh*t”

Ben Parfitt
Metacritic: Critics must “review all the sh*t”

The man behind the most important games reviews site of the internet has said that the world’s games critics are neglecting their obligation to review the whole spectrum of games on the market.

Destructoid reports that when asked in the A Jumps B Shoots podcast what must be done to achieve a better balance of overall review scores, Metacritic co-founder Marc Doyle replied: "Review all the sh*t."

He argues that “every score serves a purpose”, and without the low scores of poor games the increasingly broad spectrum of good scores awarded to better games loses some of its meaning.

"We need get that precision on the low end to reflect the precision on the high end," he argues, if we wish to regain any sense of perspective about the concept of an average game.


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