Microsoft and Datel settle Xbox 360 lawsuits

Dominic Sacco
Microsoft and Datel settle Xbox 360 lawsuits

Microsoft and accessory manufacturer Datel have settled their Xbox 360 patent infringement and antitrust cases against each other.

Staffordshire-based Datel originally took Microsoft to court in November 2009 after claiming a 360 dashboard update was issued to block certain Datel accessories from working, reports Bloomberg. These included Datel’s Max Memory cards.

Microsoft later took legal action against Datel in 2010 for alleged patent infringement of the official Xbox 360 controller, causing Datel to redesign its controllers and stop importing its TurnoFire 2 Xbox 360 Wireless product. The format holder later withdrew this infringement case but continued to seek compensation.

Microsoft spokesperson Kevin Kutz confirmed the settlement. He said the terms of the agreement between Microsoft and Datel were “to the satisfaction of both parties”.


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