Microsoft confirms Euro 360 pricing

August 17th by Johnny Minkley

Xbox 360 will hit Europe in two versions, Microsoft this afternoon confirming a deluxe Xbox 360 model for £279.99 (E399), and a basic Core System for £209.99 (E299.99).

The deluxe package will ship with a wireless controller, 20Gb hard drive, headset, Ethernet cable and, limited to the Christmas period, a media remote controller.

Xbox 360 Core System comes with a wired pad and none of the extras mentioned above. The 20Gb hard drive will be available as a peripheral from day one, priced at £69.99.

“360 is the product for the gamer who wants the ultimate experience from day one,” said UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson (pictured), speaking exclusively to MCV.

“Core System is for those who want to build their experience over time. It’s about us offering choice - the pricing on both systems is exceptionally competitive when you look at what’s in the box.”

Xbox 360 is due to launch before Christmas in all territories. Microsoft is expected to confirm date and software pricing details in the coming weeks.


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